A Few Words About Us

The mission of Fulcrum is: To add value

Fulcrum is a software solution & services Company; meaning, we offer solutions that serve you. We believe that software should work for you.
Competition is stiff, there's no denying that. What you do can make or break your organization. Key decisions & policies depend on concrete analysis. Fulcrum Suite is all about helping you make informed choices, setting & achieving a focused direction for your organization. Fulcrum Suite addresses all key areas of your company.
Versatility across domains is Fulcrum's ACE. Be it Offshore services, IT Consulting, BI, CRM, ERP, HMS, Legal or Customized applications, Fulcrum has an answer. If Fulcrum Suite does not match your requirements, we have an option; should your need be unique and you know what you want, Fulcrum's Rapid Application Development team will deliver in a short span. What You Need Is What You Get -- NO compromises there!
To put it upfront, we offer software solutions that work the way you want it to. NO surprises there that's just the way we work!

ful.crum: The point or support on which a lever pivots.
Fulcrum is a flagship brand based in Chennai, India. Fulcrum is a dynamic, fast-growing enterprise that operates on three core principles: The business of Fulcrum is -improving our business by improving your business We focus on areas of unmet need-Fulcrum is a market-driven enterprise. We actively look for unserved segments of the market and aim to plug the gap. We offer pivotal solutions that are- Economical (we are significantly more cost-effective than the competition) Designed for your unique needs (we offer a customized, not a force-fitted solution) Self-sustaining (we charge a reasonable fee always)

Management Team

Director - Sales & Marketing

K.Abraham Samuel
The Director- Sales & Marketing has over 19 years of experience across various verticals. He has served in vital portfolios in major companies like Sony, SSI (Software Solutions Integrated Ltd), Tata Telecom where he was responsible for sales, support, brand & product management and profit center management.

Director - Technical

Chitra Samuel
The Director - Technical has a passion for software development. Her roots stretch back to 1994 when she started her career with NIIT. During her career of 16 years, she has worked as Project Manager for Polaris and Silverline Technologies. She is the pivot on which fulcrums technical expertise revolves.